Jean-Michel Martin

Jean-Michel Martin is a franchise holder of BMW and passionate, since many years, about the automobile racing.
YOU, the company manager
Everyone knows that the social status of company manager is not one of the most thought of or one of the most attractive: reduced coverage in case of illness, disability, medical care without mentioning the problem of retirement.

Did you know that if you decide to establish the corporate headquarters of your company at your residence, your are forced to revise in depth all your insurance contracts?
At the start of quite a simple situation, almost harmless, here are elaborate consequences. We, however, know of many other risky situations (or delicate ones) which can find a simple answer.

This is why it is essential to foresee a solid complementary protection plan not only at a social level but also at juridic and fiscal levels.

YOU & your staff
Real Life offers you a support in your decisions with regard to human resources. As a company manager, your are required on a daily basis to conciliate the satisfaction of your employees and the good management of your company.

Which salary policy to adopt? Which are the most profitable ways of financial remuneration for all concerned?
How to lay out and optimize your employees’ salary while setting up an alternative remuneration system?
How to negotiate the lay off of one of my staff’s member?
How to optimize the hiring of a new staff member?
Which protection plan to adopt for my staff? How to harmonize the existing collective insurance plans?

With its load of satisfaction and challenges, the day to day life of a company manager is certainly captivating, but also punctuated by important decisions, and sometimes obstacles. In the course of his job, a good company manager must foremost think about his company’s interests but he must combine them with his own interests and those of his employees.