Our registered offices are located in Boulevard Baudouin 1er nº 25 | 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve. Corporate registration Nr. 0403.275.718. FSMA registration Nr 12705 A.


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Standard communication between parties is done in writing but it can also happen using the phone, fax or email.


FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority)
Rue du Congrès 12-14, 1000 Brussels


When providing services we are sometimes confronted with conflicting interests. Our guiding principle is to manage equitably such conflicts of interests.


Acting as independent financial advisers, we are inevitably confronted with conflicting interests. We have identified different forms :

  • Services : The sale or the transfer of products or services with the sole intent of increasing our profit regardless of the needs of the customer.
  • To choose or to resort to third-party suppliers: It mainly concerns the choice of the insurance companies and products but sometimes we advise our client to meet another expert like a lawyer or a tax specialist.
  • Business gifts : Accepting certain gifts may be regarded as an incentive to limit our independence.
  • Remuneration : Our remuneration consists of fees and commissions. The fees are paid directly by the client while the commissions are paid by the financial institutions (mainly insurance companies). Part of the collected commissions are set in agreement with the client while others are dependent of multiple factors specific to the insurance company, including the size of the clients portfolio, its composition, profitability, etc.


We strive to limit conflicts of interests. Our company's survival is at stake.

The following measures have been adopted in order to limit the impact on our customers of potential conflicts of interests :

  • Services : The customer stands in the middle of our activity. A global analysis of the customer's situation is systematically performed in view of defining his needs and to provide an appropriate solution. The sole purpose of this analysis is the correlation between the needs (risk) and the answer to these needs (risk coverage). These analyses can be provided upon written request of our customers and are kept in the files at our company.
  • Third-party suppliers: The choice of the financial institutions is based on a permanent analysis of our potential suppliers. Each supplier receives a valuation in the form of a quotation based on several objective criteria. In function of the offered service and in order to guarantee its impartiality, we present, to the extent possible, to the customer the best quoted suppliers. These analyses can be provided upon written request of our customers.
    Regarding the other third-party suppliers like lawyer or tax specialist, we systematically refuse any refunded fees that they might offer.
  • Business gifts : In order to guarantee our impartiality, we systematically refuse all presents, travels and other gifts offered by financial institutions. Seminars in Belgium are an exception, to the extent that they are necessary to guarantee a service in conformity with our commitments
  • Remuneration : The collected commissions are necessary to guarantee the continued quality of the service to the customer. The client is told that we receive commissions. The agreements with the financial institutions related to commissions are provided upon written request of our customers.

Notwithstanding the proposed measures, if we would be confronted with a conflict of interests, we will advise the customer accordingly. And he or she will make a choice with full knowledge. In addition, all cases of conflicts of interests are listed in a data base and can be consulted by FSMA (the authority surveying the financial markets).


As independent insurance broker, we act with the sole purpose of providing to our customers adequate service.

No concealed remuneration or other hidden benefit in kind influences our mind or work method.

Our independence is your guarantee for perfect servicing.


We attach great value to providing transparent information regarding the substance of our services just as to their costs.