Filip Walravens

Filip Walravens is a lawyer in partnership at Verhaegen Walravens. The law firm specializes in corporate law, litigation and transactions. Filip Walravens is married and the father of three children.
In spite of real ambitions and important professional responsibilities, family remains the most precious possession.
Family encourages us to surpass ourselves, to concretise our projects. Its protection generally comes first in our life’s preoccupations.

This is why Real Life takes care of your personnel interests while integrating them in your familiy structure.

How to protect your family? How to optimize your fiscal concerns? How to hand over your patrimony to your children or to other heirs under the best conditions?
You cohabit with your partner, what are the possible consequences of this status? Does a legal cohabitation have more advantages?

Real Life also helps you to protect your holdings and to make them durable.

Real Life establishes with you a prospective social security check-up while taking into account the different events that may occur during one’s life. Legal protection, health care, retirement, disability, death, optimal organisation of a succession,….everything is considered for your immediate family and integrated in your own protection plan, possibly in your company’s.

For all these questions and many more, YOU deserve appropriate advise, clear and precise answers.