Etienne Castiaux

In 1999, after a successful career in the United States, Etienne Castiaux an international consultant in technical and computer techniques, decides to settle in Belgium.
Whichever your status, your professional life is a real adventure which, at times, can lead to a bunch of questions and doubts. You will, sooner or later reach a point in your career where important choices will have to be made… Does one take the step?

The self-employed status has its advantages and inconveniences: a certain freedom of action and new responsibilities on one hand; financials risks on the other.

Do you have to change your status? Continue as an employee or become self-employed?
Choose the simple self-employed status or become self-employed within your company? Is it the right moment? What are the social, fiscal and insurance related implications linked to this decision?
Do you feel like purchasing a company? Which advises and which follow-ups?

Real Life analyzes, with YOU, in depth, your situation, goes through the many aspects which may follow from the decisions and assists you in your administrative steps.

With US, all the aspects of your personal situation are scrupulously analyzed.

Better to think before acting. If indeed, you make a difficult decision or one which is not obvious, Real Life helps you to go through it serenely.