Since 1998, Real Life has been a counselling company in optimization and active financial protection for liberal professions, company managers and the self-employed. Real Life is now owned by Wilink (

Protection, optimization and support are the key words that we integrate in each of our analysis: global, precise, reliable analysis that integrate incontrovertible competences such as financial, juridical, fiscal, social and property right.

Our experience has been built on 5 pillars:
By Real Life, we have understood that each person deserves her own analysis while taking into account the specifications of her personal situation. Real Life places you in the center of its reflections with a main objective: made to measure and adapted counsel.

Do you believe that you are surrounded by enough counselling in matters of protection and optimization by either an insurance broker, an accountant, a lawyer or a tax specialist?

Real Life analyzes your interests in a transverse fashion thanks to the integration of juridical, fiscal, financial, property right and social competences. This interdisciplinary vision makes you gain precious time and makes you avoid the risk of fragmented visions, often dangerous in the long run.

What’s more, our expertise does not only reach one specific area of competence, but takes into consideration your personal, family and your professional situations in its entirety while integrating each subject matter in a coordinated reflection.

Finally, as a real advisor, we adapt our innovative and original way to each situation presented to us. We bring clear and precise solutions which originate in a well-tried experience.