Grégoire De Streel

Gregoire de Streel is co-founder of several companies in Belgium: Skynet, Keytrade ank and Tunz.
Each one of us is unique. Each one of us has his own ambitions, life goals and his own preoccupations. However, we all have something in common: the dreams we wish to carry out for ourselves and for our loved ones are a motor in our daily lives.

In order to achieve a life project while thinking about our future and the one of our loved ones, one needs to be well surrounded in order to make the right choices in matters concerning protection and optimization.

Real Life can play an active role in this global reflection and bring you its technical skills in areas related to your private live with links to your professional life.

To face the future in a serene way and deal with the unexpected, good advice is fundamental.

Today your are completely involved in your work. What do you have to be careful about in order to coordinate your personal protection with your family’s and eventually your company’s?

Have you thought about your retirement and most of all do you know how to get it ready?

Have you thought about a personal protection plan in case of disability? An upkeep of your income or a take over of an eventual cost overrun?

You wish to purchase real estate ? How to structure the purchase of your family home?

You wish to change your status ? Can you do it?

How to choose between a billing company or the self-employed status?

To all these questions you are asking yourself, WE shall find the answers together.