Real Life brings you judicious advice for an effective protection plan. Nothing is left at random and the situation is considered in its global nature with a multidisciplinary vision which combines juridical, social and fiscal aspects. You can thereafter, serenely, confront the hazards that life has in store for you.


On a social plan, Real Life guarantees you the best products in the subject matter of financial protection in case of death or invalidity but also in the subject matter of health and retirement, thanks to an acute social security check up which includes and coordinates three aspects/ yourself, your family and your company.


Real Life evaluates all risks links to your juridical responsibility which could have to be dealt with. Whether it be a question of professional responsibility, management responsibility or family responsibility, we offer you solutions that protect you serenely.

We also advise on the ways to cover your cost (lawyer’s cost, proceedings cost, report of expert’s cost) in case of conflict.


A good decision must, without a doubt, be integrated in a reflection about maximal optimization.
Whatever the decisions linked to your personal situation, your family, your status, your company and/or your staff, Real Life takes into consideration your fiscal and financial situation and your staff’s..

Moreover, we also worry about your family’s well-being while optimizing, amongst other things, your inheritance and your fiscal concerns.

Maximum return is the stepping stone of our approach.


Whether you already are advised by different professionals or whether you are looking to be surrounded by specialists in a particular field, Real Life takes care of the coordination of all competences well above advice and solutions.

As time goes by, your personal itinerary is bound to change. We will be there to advise you and adapt, if necessary, our solutions.

Our priority is also to take into account all parameters of your development and to adapt to your reality.

It is about a life partnership taking place.